The story begins just as many of the greatest do. In jail! The party wakes to find they have all been imprisoned by local authorities, but cannot remember why. They overhear the captain of the guard arguing with a local farmer, the halfling Aldo. Aldo's livestock has gone missing! Also his son...

In exchange for their release and the return of their belongings, the party agrees to help Aldo find his son and investigate what has been stealing his sheep. After following a trail into the woods and besting a pack of wolves (almost at the expense of Olash's tambarine arm), the party stumbles upon a hole leading into underground ruins. Yarfik tests the depth of the cave by tossing a rock. Satisfied that it is safe to traverse, the party makes there way into the ruins. They first check a door that leads to a small storage room... full of rats! They manage to escape and block the door. Moving forward, they discover the denizens if the cave is actually a group of kobolds!

The small creatures are quickly defeated and detained, and the halfling boy is found in the barracks. The halfling, Waldo, tells the party that he followed the kobolds back to this cave after they stole another sheep. Waldo and the party quickly return to Aldo who is more than grateful to see his son returned, but would also like the sheep thefts to stop. After much arguing, the party decides to go back and fix the problem the next day.